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SMF MultiForums
Set up multiple SMF forums automatically, allow users to upgrade to remove ads (Paypal account required), and much more with this powerful software.

A working knowledge of SMF is suggested in order to remove features you may not want your users to have access to. Because of SMF's license we are not allowed to include pre-modified files.
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 Addons available for this product.
License extension for unlimited domains
SMFMF script license extension for ability to add unlimited number of domains.
Cost: $39.95 USD one time fee
Branding Free Option
Allows you to remove the "Powered by" link at the bottom of your hosted forums.
Cost: $29.95 USD one time fee
Professional installation
Professional Installation We will install SMF MF and make needed changes (as found in the readme file) to the lastest default version of SMF to be compatible with SMF MF. This does not include modifying your httpd.conf or domain's DNS zone to make your domain compatible with SMF MF, nor does it include template editing (outside of the default templates included with SMF) for ad code, nor does it entail modifying other files to remove fields from the admin area that you do not wish your users to modify (such as file paths, etc) Cost: $14.95 USD one time fee
Cost: $14.95 USD one time fee
Free upgrades for one year - included with owned license
Free upgrades and basic support - for one year - included with purchase of owned license - for one month - included with purchased of leased monthly license.
Cost: free addon